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Title: My Happy Ending

Starring: Wallace Huo, Michelle Ye, Daniel Wu, Miriam Yeung

*Rated T(13+) for use of language.


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Thursday, September 4, 2008
Chapter 2: The Damsel, The Shin-Chan, The Card

Michelle blinked and stuttered, "Uh..I..I.. Actually, it's like this.."

Everyone listened earnestly. Miriam, in particular, was trying to guess what Michelle had up her sleeves.

"I'm sorry, everyone. I was trying to expose my sister to these sort of places more, but it was for her own good! So I bluffed her, making up a Ron character who dumped me because of another girl.."

Ron and Tavia were lost for words. They had never came across such a foolish person.

On the other hand, Wallace and Daniel sympathized Michelle greatly.

"I'm so sorry," Michelle squinted her eyes which were compressed by guilt.

"Michelle, how could you!" Miriam gasped in disbelief. "Making use of my weaknesses to trick me into this. Are you fooling me! This is unpardonable!" she huffed away in anger.

"Sis!" Michelle tried catching up, but she knew it was no use. At this point of time, Miriam won't reason with her. All she needed was time to cool down. Michelle made her way back to the bar.

She raised her hands, indicating the bartender for a glass of wine. In the blink of an eye, a glass of orange liquid lay in front of her.

"Wine does no good," a young man said, as he gulped down the red wine she had ordered. "Orange juice is better. Has lots of vitamins, you know?"

"Wallace." Giving a warm smile, he stretched out his right hand and offered for a handshake.

"Michelle." she returned the kind offer. "Sorry about just now, I didn't mean to.."

"Understood" Wallace gave a friendly smile. "I owe you a glass of red wine," he smirked.

Without further ado, Michelle placed something in front of him and left the crowd.

Wallace couldn't help but let out a chuckle. It was a pink laminated namecard, with a picture of her and a Crayon Shin-Chan character. Beside those two were some numbers. 'Interesting. I guess she's always prepared to give out her number. Must be used to it, haha.'


"WHAT?!" he stormed. His face was filled with rage.

"Mr Wu, please simmer down." the detective said.

"Carry on investigating. You'll be handsomely rewarded. I want everything to be unveiled as soon as possible, do I get that clear!" Francis ordered.

"Yes, Mr Wu."


A slap went right across his face. The sun shone down; it was a bright red. Her tears were glittering like the famous stardust you hear about in fairytales. No one could understand how hurt she was. Four years of relationship; she put her best and treasured every moment with him. Was he just going to give it up like this? Was it really the end?

"I'm sorry, Tavia." Ron turned around and left.

She could only watch helplessly as his shadow vagued by the second.
11:57 PM

Tuesday, September 2, 2008
Chapter 1: Character Brief

"C'mon sis, let's go!" a young girl exclaimed.

"Um, I think I'll miss. I'm not really into clubbing," Miriam tried to push away her sister's offer again. Michelle had been trying to get her sister to step into the bar for once. Never in her life had Miriam seen a bar, but she was not the least interested.

"Sis, I beg you! Just once, alright?"

Miriam shook her head firmly.

"Actually, I.. I have a reason for doing so. Ron broke up with me last night, " Michelle lied. Ron was just a name she made up. "I suspect it's because he has a new girl. I've asked him out to clarify matters, but I'm afraid to go alone.." Michelle sobbed.

"WHAT?! Who is Ron?!" Miriam burst.

"Uh.. some guy I got to know at the bar a few days ago.." she explained timidly, afraid that she would get reprimanded.

"Michelle! I've warned you not to go there so often! Now see what has happened! Never trust guys you meet at the bar! Okay, sister's gonna stand up for you. Let's go confront that Ron now!"

"Really? Thanks sis!" Michelle squealed and hugged her sister.


Hued neon lights flashed and swirled on the dance floor. The bartenders were having a busy night as usual, without having a second to waste. Drunkards reeking of alcohol staggered everywhere, elbowing through everyone that passed by them, before joining the crowd again.

"Hey, where exactly is that Ron guy?" Miriam started to get suspicious.

"Umm.. he.. maybe he doesn't want to come?"

"Bastard. Why play with you in the first place when he doesn't have the guts to face you after that? I swear I'll bash him up when I see him." Miriam slammed the table harshly. Although she was very conservative, Miriam would stand up for her sister whenever she got into trouble.

Not far away, Daniel and Wallace were waiting for their friend, Ron.

"Wonder what's with Ron," Wallace took a sip of his cocktail.

"Needless to say, late again," Daniel added.

Daniel and Wallace had been buddies ever since the age of thirteen. They grew up as best friends. Their fathers were best friends too, and had acquainted at a Parents' Meeting held by the school. Up till now, both companies are still in partnership. However, Daniel and Wallace hated business management and had no intention to help out their parents, no matter how much they persuaded the boys. Hence, they lived their life as young masters, enjoying every moment there was.

From afar, Wallace spotted Ron at the entrance. Beside him was Tavia Yeung, Ron's girlfriend.

"RON!" Wallace waved. It had caught the attention of Miriam, who was not far away from them. As soon as Ron and Tavia joined their friends, Miriam dashed towards them, leaving Michelle clueless of the happenings.

Miriam gripped the glass of iced water in her hands. She was ready, anytime.

"Who is Ron?!!!" she demanded.

The startled Ron responded upon hearing his name. "Is there anything I can-"

Miriam splashed the glass of water at Ron; his hair was drenched and he was freezing. Everyone was dumbfounded.

Tavia looked at Ron, then to Miriam, and back to Ron.

"Oh gosh,"Michelle murmured. She hurriedly made her way towards the scene.

"Sis, what is going on?"

"Mich, I've taken revenge for you," Miriam looked satisfied, "Ron dumped you for this girl, right?"

There was a minute of silence.

Michelle blinked and stuttered, "Uh.. I.. I.. Actually, it's like this..."
1:59 AM

Monday, September 1, 2008



Wallace Huo
Michelle Yip
Daniel Wu
Miriam Yeung as Miriam Yip

Monica Chan as Daniel's Mom
Francis Ng as Mr Wu - Daniel's Dad
Damien Lau as Mr Huo - Wallace's Dad
Patrick Tse as Mr Yip - Michelle and Miriam's Dad


She held a toddler dearly in her arms, staring at him with reluctant eyes. She hated the airport, because it was a place which meant parting. If only, her family could leave with her..

"How long will you be away?" he asked to confirm.

"2 years, I guess. I'm sorry, honey. Daniel is only 2, yet I'm leaving you both behind. Please do take care of him; I promise I'll make up for the time lost when I come back."

"No problem. Take care, dear. Remember to call home."

Monica was sent aboard to work. She did not want to leave, but it was her dream to advance oversea, and she could not give it up. Meanwhile, poor Francis had to run the company and bring up Daniel all by himself. He was reluctant to let his wife go, but he told himself to persevere. A quarrel was inevitable if he had pursued this matter, hence he compromised.
4:55 PM